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Cheryl Cran

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What is the Evolutionary Leaders Network?

The #1 Leadership training portal developing ‘Evolutionary Leaders’ with the skillset that organizations need and desire for change, growth and unprecedented success. The most unique opportunities available where Leaders are changing their life with ELN Interactive 24/7, with personal one-on-one coaching, becoming prepared for all leadership challenges, since the ‘Future of Work is Now!’™ 

the challenges you face – the solutions we provide

Prepare for the fast pace of change



40% of employees who don’t receive relevant job training quit within the first year


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Developing Leaders For The Future



94% of global leaders surveyed are not fully satisfied with their innovation performance

-McKinsey & Company-

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Employee Happiness



$440 billion is the loss in productivity by companies because of disengaged employees each year

-Holmes Report-

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your one stop resource for organizations to develop and support leaders to be future of work ready

as an organization the evolutionary leaders network will give you access to:

Corporate Groups Of Leaders

Evolutionary leadership training for your groups of leaders – (r) evolutionary leadership programs that are timely, relevant ,leading edge and prepare your leaders for the future of work – NOW!

C-Level Executives

Timely and evolutionary leadership development that helps you build your own and your executive teams leadership abilities to drive transformation and  be ready for the future of work- NOW!

Individual Leaders

Be certified as an evolutionary leader and be in the right place at the right time for next level opportunities – be ready for the future of work- NOW!

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